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Because of the long duration and large amplitude of the surface waves, they can be the most destructive type of seismic wave. Also with increasing distance from the earthquake, the waves are separated apart in time and dispersed because P, S, and surface waves travel at different speeds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cambridge University Press. Some examples of spheroidal oscillations are the "breathing" mode 0 S 0 , which involves an expansion and contraction of the whole Earth, and has a period of about 20 minutes; and the "rugby" mode 0 S 2 , which involves expansions along two alternating directions, and has a period of about 54 minutes.

These waves can travel through any type of material, including fluids, and can travel nearly 1. Stoneley wave.

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In general, earthquakes generate larger shear waves than compressional waves and much of the damage close to an earthquake is the result of strong shaking caused by shear waves. The idea is illustrated in the cartoon to the left. Related Stories. Here's an example to illustrate the difference: Amplitudes of Stoneley waves have their maximum values at the boundary between the two contacting media and decay exponentially towards the depth of each of them.

All rights reserved. Several important characteristics of Earth's structure are illustrated in the chart. How does photosynthesis work?

Seimic Waves and Earth?s Interior

In the crust, the variations are larger and can reach tens of percent. Seismic Waves and Earth's Interior. They are called surface waves because they diminish as they get further from the surface.

They create raypaths refracted by the varying density and modulus stiffness of the Earth's interior. Both are compositional boundaries and the core-mantle boundary is the larger contrast.

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When they travel through air, they take the form of sound waves — they travel at the speed of sound ms -1 through air but may travel at ms -1 in granite. The shallow part of the mantle is different; it contains several important well-established and relatively abrupt velocity changes. Motor Skill For ocean waves sometimes called "seismic sea waves", see Tsunami. You need at least three stations and some idea of the P and S velocities between the earthquake and the seismometers.

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What is the magnetic field of the Earth? The misfit generated by a hypocenter calculation is known as "the residual". What is an earthquake?

Model S12 WM13, from W. As a wave travels through Earth, the path it takes depends on the velocity.