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Generally all the fragrances I enjoy work well only in winter unfortunately, with notes full of tar, tobacco, incense etc. Use this page to learn how to convert between milliliters and fl. Love a great osmanthus. Both Chypre Rouge and Filles en Aguilles smell like crayons to me. Yeah, I know. Or you put on too much.

The fact that all these images are conjured up by a fragrance in itself so consummately abstract is a testimony tot he brilliance of its creator, Pierre Bouron. Truly appreciate it. Villa Fumerie anise star alcoholfree liquid extract organic illicium verum.

What is a gallery in architecture

As I said, I think I'm leaning towards green fragrances and Philosykos was something I was reading up on earlier. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results.

Like this: That has to be a force of nature. From what I understand, everything in store is up for samples? My favorite so far is Ambre Sultan. Cedar, plum, fig, peach and apricot. I have owned and loved it in its vintage and recent formulations and while it is indeed animalic, I have never smelled literal ass from it. You are so welcome, and have fun with your proejct.

I am particularly interested in trying Boxeuses, as leathers are my first love. The latter introduced an Altoids-like idea to perfumery, consisting of a minty-licorice coolness combined with a radiant crackling-wood-fire note. Quarterback Thu Dec 31 Best Answer: I think I spent nearly an hour in there trying out every scent. I have a vintage bottle and a sample from maybe two years ago, and while the animalic castoreum is more prominent in the vintage, they are both incredible and close enough that when my vintage runs out, I wouldn't feel deprived if I could only find a current one.

So, listen, you sound like you think unwashed panties in a perfume is a bad thing?

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Thank you for the interesting and very entertaining reviews. Those two get so much well-deserved love, it makes my heart happy. This coming from a not rose-hater, but almost necer wear it in perfume, with the exception of like I'm seriously considering getting a plane ticket to NY one weekend and stashing up on samples of fragrances I could never afford.

How many ounces are in 50ml? There are still some that I have not tried in bell jars mostly. I love a lot of Serge scents. The bathroom smelled amazing the whole trip, though. Thank you for the review of all these … it is always a pleasure to read about Serge Lutens perfumes.

Mine was made in September this year and so far I'm happy with it.