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Definition oxygen.

Term PVC. Definition sodium chloride.

Hidden categories: Your IP Address: Best Answer: Term q. Definition blood pressure, pulse, respirations.

Orientation (mental)

Why do people choose to commit suicide? Contact Dashboard. Definition do not resuscitate. Definition pound. Term RAD.

Term aa. So to me, as long as a pt isn't comatose and is responding to stimuli, they are alert!

Medical Abbreviations

This site is not associated with, nor does it represent the views of any particular fire department. Sadly, I have to live with him for time being. Term OR.

Term lpm. Definition military anti-shock trousers.

alert and oriented x 3

Appelbaum PS. Are you alert and oriented x4? Term SOB. More questions. Equally, deciding that a patient lacks capacity is not an end in itself, and the underlying cause should be addressed. Definition urinary tract infection.