Where were you when the October Storm hit Western New York?

East End Tavern. Over two hundred were treated for exposure to carbon monoxide. Download below!

3A.6 Lake Effect Snow Storm Over Buffalo, NY October , ( - 22WAF18NWP_22waf18nwp)

Local Regional National Montague Radar. Although the snowfall itself resulted in some significant travel problems for the public, the overwhelming impacts from this storm were widespread power outages resulting from the catastrophic tree damage, as the heavy snow fell on fully leafed trees. Corpus Christi Church. See the collaboration page for more details.

That title goes to Syracuse or Watertown! The snow broke branches off of leaf-filled trees across the area, causing a wide range of issues. Follow atinteresting. Follow us on YouTube. Contributions must be attributed to Wikinews ; see Terms of use for details. This adds to the danger of working with a chain saw. Not satisfied, Doris called a local hardware supply house. October 12, to October 13, Weather. Buffalo Courier Express.

I returned, we hooked it up, and it worked.

Lake Storm "Aphid"

Sign Up. Mentholatum, Hyde, Smythe. Of course, everything was sold out. Knowing that weather report, I didn't find this especially unusual but my wife was more concerned.

A highlight of the night was a 2 AM trip up to the observation deck of City Hall to see a city sleeping under a thick blanket of lake effect snow.

Ten Years Ago: The October Storm In Buffalo, NY [PICTURES]

The event began with lake effect rain during Thursday morning and midday…and enough cold air became entrained to change over the precipitation to wet snow in the Buffalo area by 3 pm. Many municipal trucks were still working to remove leaves on Thursday and did not have plows attached when the surprise storm hit. Eddie Brady's Bar. In our case, for example, after we have removed limbs that further threaten our house, we will then later have to have all four of our ashes removed.

Heightening the clash of seasons, lightning flashed through the night and loud claps of thunder mingled with the cracks and pops of trees giving way under the weight of the snow. Buffalo Bowling Shirts. The second phase featured slightly drier snow…maybe It looks like the apocalypse. Polish Home Museum Project.

Department Stores. Pattern recognition of the early season lake effect event was evident by the staff a week prior to the occurrence, but the local climate history for Buffalo did not account for any prior events of this magnitude in at least 75 years. Every time you open a refrigerator or freezer to remove food you further warm the interior.