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A heavily armed foot solider of ancient Greece, whose function was to fight in close formation, usually n ranks of eight men.

Their site of Knossos is pictured above. Vietnam reunited under communists; refugees fled, many to the U. Student of Socrates who wrote dialogue form and questioned the best form of government in his Republic. President from ran on a campaign based on the common man and "populist" ideas. English naturalist.

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Manage the creation of a new industry. A Hebrew term for books of the bible that are written in Hebrew.

Iberian word meaning race, lineage or breed from peninsulares natives or Spain in new world to blacks. Jailed several times between and , and used hunger strikes to protest.

To avoid suffering caused by desires and gain enlightenment Cut desires Attain a better rebirth by gaining merit. Entrepreneurs b. Back to search results Save this list Title: Ambassador Stevens.

Internal - population increases, land problems, corruption, peasant rebellion called Yellow Turban CE , disease External- conflict with nomadic Xiongnu. Applied scientific method to philosophy, proposed mathematics to be the best model for clear and certain knowledge, applied theories of rationale and logic.

A strategy of defensive warfare, in which everything that might be of use to an invading army is destroyed by the defending army as it retreats. General Motors d. Ships completed the first circumnavigation of the globe, proved the area Columbus discovered was not Far East, but whole new continent. In the head of USSR government declared that USSR would intervene militarily to prevent any of its satellite countries from claiming independence which is called.

When the King locked the meeting hall of National Assembly which met at the tennis court nearby and swore not to disband until a constitution could be written.

A shaman may act as judge or ruler, and as a priest, a shaman directs communal sacrifices and escorts the souls of the dead to the next world. The rush of European nations to colonize the parts of Africa that were assigned to them in the international negotiations at the Berlin Conference.

Famous Venetian world traveler who shared insights into the Asian Silk Road trade routes and largely responsible for Europe's connection to China and Asian goods. Influenced by Jeremy Bentham and utilitarianism, he developed the term "Poverty" and believed disease and death were it's causes.