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For some moments I stood looking at them, my hands behind my back. Deep-seated as my home-making aspiration had been, it was realized largely as the result of chance. We held the debate on two succeeding days, I speaking one afternoon and Dr.

During the Columbian Exposition, he lured victims into his elaborate "murder castle. Having agreed, Shaw played a key role when the two suffrage associations merged when she "helped to persuade the AWSA to merge with Anthony's and Elizabeth Cady Stanton 's NWSA, creating for the first time in two decades a semblance of organizational unity within the [suffrage] movement. There was a wreck somewhere on the road on which I was to travel to meet a lecture engagement, and the trains going my way were not running.

The Kansas campaign, which Miss Anthony, Mrs.

The wisdom of the change was demonstrated at once by the extraordinary growth of the work. Harriette Simpson Arnow N. Buckley quoted a point I had made.

It was during this tour that she contracted pneumonia. As an example of this I recall an incident of one Oregon campaign. New York Headquarters established, It was a great occasion for them, an Indian powwow, for by the law all Indians who had lands in severalty were to be permitted to vote the fol- lowing year. Howard Griggs, of Stanford University, made a speech on the modern woman--a speech so admirably thought out and delivered that we were all delighted with it.

Pohl took me in her automobile from one polling-place to another. How blessed it is that you are our president and leader!

Votes for Women means Votes for Black Women

When she was 12 years old, Shaw's father left most of his family alone on an isolated farm in Michigan. Subsequently, with this wreath still resting upon my perspiring brow, I was again driven through the streets of the city; and if ever a woman felt that her place was in the home and longed to be in her place, I felt it that day.

National Suffrage Convention, Washington, D. They showed their further interest in the most satisfactory way, by carrying the amendment in their part of the state. Catt to go around the world in behalf of woman suffrage.

New York Times. To their combined horror and amazement, the young Governor did nothing of the kind. Lois A. Our campaign work had been carried on as extensively as possible, but the distances were great and the workers few, and as a result of the strain upon her Miss Gregg's health soon failed alarm- ingly. They had come to look at and listen to the actresses who had been promised them, and they thought they were being deprived of that privilege by an interloper.

When the rabbi sat down there was a shout from the audience for me to answer him, but all I said was that the ideal woman would be rather lonely, as it would certainly take another thousand years to develop an ideal man capable of being a mate for her.

Do you think I want to talk to you? Other educational programs are co-sponsored with student organizations that share mutual interests. The achievement was due to the influence of one woman, Esther Morris, a pioneer who was as good a neighbor as she was a suffragist.

Catt to whose efforts also were largely due the winning of Colorado in '93 , Mrs. Rabbi Vorsanger's ideal woman was still in my mind, and I had been rather hard on the men in my reply to the rabbi the night before; so now I hastened to give this clever young man his full due. It was a difficult hour, for her fiery soul re- sented the limitations imposed by her worn-out body, and to such a worker the most poignant ex- perience in life is to be forced to lay down one's work at the command of old age.