How to embed and send a .gif image into an Outlook 2016 / 2019 email body or signature?

Instead, they have put three colours that all appeal to different shoppers.

Insert an Animated GIF Into an Email

In , Outlook moved to a new text editor similar to word. If you need to design something instead of upload a photo, you can do that for free online using a service like PicMonkey. Click the "Insert Photo" icon. In the "To" text field at the top of the email window, type in the email address es of your recipient s.

Email GIF, How to create and email a GIF

The movement was a good choice in this case since it displays how the trousers are different from other similar items, thus introducing the customers to this line of products.

How can I get a GIF file to load? Microsoft and Microsoft logo's are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. After 3 animation loops, the animation will stop and a Play button will show on the image. FOMO is a popular strategy used in all sorts of promotional emails, be it a product promotion, a discount, or a seasonal offer.

Making GIFs animate -

Countdown timers can be used wonderfully without discounts if you have something special to count back to. The first option, however, will look better in your email footer, on any device or email client. This won't help readers smell it, but it will unquestionably grab their attention and make more of them click on that huge call-to-action. Tested By:.

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Obviously, the link to your animated GIF is the most important part. Customizing Gmail In other languages: Let me show you a surprisingly compelling animated GIF from Moo.

GIFs and Outlook: What Can We Do?

Why are gifs effective? I can easily imagine a campaign like this with a personalized image that includes the favorite most ordered food of the customers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. As a marketer, you can write a blog, set up a banner advertising campaign, create and publish brochures, or send newsletters via email. Pressing this Play button will loop the animation another 3 times.

You don't want to end up with files that exceed the 4 MB limit. Some good ways to optimize GIFs include:. Hot Network Questions.

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