The length of the chamber reached 25 m, and at one end it curved slightly downward, evolving into a crack in which a thin person could crawl a distance of about 5 m. Kantor collection and photo. Prace PIG 30 2: In , because of the uncontrolled production of salt by the leaching method, a catastrophe occurred and the mine was flooded, with wholesale collapse of the corridors and galleries.

Rocks made of evaporite minerals are sedimentary rocks called evaporites. In the Solno mine there were only three crystal chambers for which information survives today, although more were probably found. Among these are halite specimens with a blue color in zones of varying shades, including some intense blue zones.

We collected a dozen or so very high-quality specimens and a few lower-quality ones. Fortunately, most nations now ban its use as a weapon, but society still has to contend with the threat of chlorine gas leaks from chemical factories or accidental spills during its transport. From Bex, Vaud, Switzerland.

Evaporite Minerals and Halides

J Phys Chem-US 30 4: Colorful images and articles about diamonds and colored stones. Methane and sulfur inclusions in the crystals have sometimes been observed. It is not necessary to use so much salt that the ice is completely melted; rather, a small amount of salt will weaken the ice so that it can be easily removed by other means.

Facts Geology Facts Animals Facts. Licking or ingesting raw halite in the "wild" could cause health problems due to unidentified admixed substances such as alkaline compounds. The blue-halite aggregates in the deposit were differentiated with respect to their size and the intensity of the hue. Stadnicka K, Zelek S Structural investigation of blue salts and solid state inclusions in halite.

Mining commenced in DK Publishing. Their occurrence was connected with the presence of epigenetic sediments rich in potassium. Budd photo. The size of the inclusions ranged from a few dozen micrometres to few millimetres. In contrast, the use of salt for human consumption accounts for only a few percent of the total salt consumption.

Drilling techniques, originally developed to acquire salt, allowed for the development of our modern oil and natural gas industry. Forgot your password? It is difficult to overstate the past importance of salt in both human and domesticated animal consumption.

Most of the mineral phases of the solid inclusions in dark blue halite were characterised by corrosion of their borders and changes in optical properties.

Discover Evaporite Minerals and Halides

Halite Current inventory: Acta Crystallogr B A few dozen photographs taken in the s remain the only evidence of what the mine looked like in its day. The most frequent inclusions were those with the oval shape atypical for evaporates Fig. Moderately Strong. Mattox RB ed Saline deposits. Historically salt played a crucial, if indirect, role in the expansion of Euro-American settlers into the Upper Midwest.

Halite Facts

However, because its extraordinary crystal chambers yielded beautiful specimens of halite, it is a significant mineral locality, even though not many people thought about documenting it when it was working, and few specimens from it survive today.

Consequently control of salt resources and the salt trade influenced the politics of human society well into the early 20th century. Of the assortment in this gallery, the halides include halite, fluorite and sylvite.