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This prevents the server or a network attacker from being able to perform a downgrade attack. Views Read Edit View history. As of today, the integration is fully complete. The well-timed move has riled rivals, who say the Facebook Inc. Changing an existing license […] You can change the license on a piece of code under any of the following conditions: Yes, Continue.

Free Software Foundation.

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Wheeler's Personal Home Page. Considering that JioPhone will be the "cheapest" 4G phone, it is likely to be used by millions of people. Arthur mali April 24, at She quickly got familiar with the payments feature, taking to it on the day it was released and linking her bank account.

The characteristic of a license according to which the code distributed under this license may be integrated into a bigger software that will be distributed under another license.

If you are the sole copyright holder […] If you are the sole registered copyright holder […] If you obtain the consent of all other copyright holders […] If no other copyright holder could be harmed by the change. Creative Commons.

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Perhaps the most significant reason to choose CC-BY-SA as our primary content license was to be compatible with many of the other admirable endeavors out there to share and develop free knowledge. Wikimedia Foundation. Line has million users globally, expanding rapidly from 10 million in December according to data from Statista. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. WhatsApp joins Google, Alibaba-backed Paytm, a unit of local e-commerce leader Flipkart and dozens of others already vying for customers as smartphone adoption surges.

Inspired by, and in small part based on, Messenger for Mac , created by Rasmus Andersson. Bottomley argued "a convincing theory of harm" cannot be developed, making it impossible to bring the case to court. Users running the most recent versions of WhatsApp on any platform now get full end-to-end encryption for every message they send and every WhatsApp call they make when communicating with each other.

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While it is commonly accepted that linking static and even dynamic linking constitutes a derivative of a strong copyleft'd work, [5] [6] [7] [8] there are alternate interpretations. FreeBSD Project. The licences for distributing free or open source software FOSS are divided in two families: Raymond , came to different conclusions regarding the requirements for re-licensing of an entire code base.