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The finale, Exit Wounds , is superb. We will get spaceships, and that's it. Roger Brierley. Warriors of the Deep Christina de Souza. The Editor tries to terminate Cathica's link but she fights back. It's true, cheeky title in retrospect. Adam is amazed at the technology, but the Doctor says that it is the wrong technology; there is trouble afoot.

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Bill Potts. Wandering around, she is shocked to find a newsroom populated by shrivelled corpses. Season 9: Peter Capaldi will return as the Doctor in the following stories: James Coombes. It's hard to put my finger on why this feels 'off,' because the script is strong and the concept of human-Daleks is suitably sickening.

It also marks the first time on screen that the Doctor has evicted a time traveller for attempting to use time travel to change history in their favour.

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Email Address. Ellie Wallwork. Posted by Siskoid at Newer Post Older Post. Terence Bayler.

Regular episodes August Roger Hammond. Ultimately given a much-needed kick up the arse by the ending. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver on the answering machine inside the building, setting it to overload the device until it explodes, destroying the phone and preventing any evidence of the future from being leaked to the past.

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Gertan Klauber. A highly unexpected story exploring the Ood, how they came to be a service race, with a suitable carnival of corporate bastards, and themes of slavery. Series 7: Don't miss this. Meanwhile, Cathica has changed her mind and uses the passkey to go to Floor , where, unseen, she watches the Editor question the Doctor and Rose.