Top 10 Most Important SEO Tips for URL Optimization

If you must change URLs, ensure permanent redirects are set in place. Thank you for your interest in this question. Google says: Unless of course you think the world has 50 states.

10 tips to optimize your URLs for SEO

Theoretically it would limit your service offerings and value for other services in the eyes of the users. There is much debate about whether or not having keywords in your websites URLs or WordPress permalinks actually gives you a boost in the search results.

The way to prevent this action, is to use canonical URLs. However, before you start changing URLs, keep the following in mind: More specifically: Always stick with lowercase letters. It thus will help to develop your brand visibility Share this: But do they actually have a meaningful impact on a page's ranking in Google and other search engines?

They should include primary, secondary, and long-tail key phrases — think diversity, not density. The platform automatically adds a post's headline to the post's URL.

You should strive to structure your URLs for maximum readability. It follows, then, that including keywords in your URLs is desirable. Keyword frequency and pagerank are really the two main factors in SEO. So, how could this URL be improved? Guess what? There are several companies you can choose from to buy an SSL certificate. And this is most definitely true when it comes to URL optimization.

They are also the building blocks of an effective site hierarchy, passing equity through your domain and directing users to their desired destinations.

Here is a screenshot of the improved URL:. Does having keywords in a website URL help rankings? Is it better to have? URLs have particular structural rules to which they must adhere for the sake of historical IT design choices. Any opinion on cutting out superfluous words from the URL?

Having a structured hierarchy for your web page also helps Google understand topic hierarchy for your content, giving them better insight into what your content should be ranked for.

Google Says Again; Do Not Worry About Words Or Keywords In URLs

Users rarely read all of the content on a page. All in all, I just want you to be mindful of your URL slugs. But they tend to be more important for optimizing transactional pages than blog post pages.