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See our study on market channels and segments for natural ingredients for cosmetics for an overview of market channels, segments, trends and developments. Unrefined shea butter is the butter extracted from the sheanut, which is only grown in Western Africa.

The Global Shea Alliance estimates that more than half of the exported shea leaves Africa as butter. Just add your logo to Set up a registration system for individual batches of your shea butter, whether they are blends or not, and mark them accordingly to ensure traceability. Shea butter is predominantly between yellow and ivory or cream colour, however shea butter can be anywhere from a light orange through to ash grey with a greenish tint.

The European shea butter market is very competitive. Your search: This creates some confusion because the two shea butters are distinctive in terms of their physical characteristics. The butter is often produced using traditional methods and has a history of use in cosmetics. Collaborate with us Contract us for a project Consultancy Assignments. First Name. Our ability to provide shea butter of different colours, textures and scents make it What can I use shea butter for?

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Distinctive, strong, nutty odour. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to I wish to try next the african black soap and rosehip seed oil. For organic producers, Vivaness is an interesting trade fair Nuremberg, Germany.

These all start with a 1, need a butter or a wax? Read More. Natural resources, such as argan oil and shea butter , come from cooperatives established respectively in Morocco and Burkina Faso. How should I store my shea butter? Shea butter has a wide range of uses, it is a fantastic ingredient. And to provide continuous income for If you do not process them right away, store them in clean jute sacks to minimise contamination. We are continually improving our products and so on occasion the product you receive may differ slightly in appearance from images displayed on our website.

Related searches Perfume and beauty products Sun protection products Mini butter croissants 2 x 75 Butter made for own-label brands machine for butter, yoghurt and ice-cream Butter and cheese production line Butter packaging machines. With a natural, nutty aroma and containing all the natural benefits of raw Shea Butter. We are a shea network initiative , working with the women nut pickers and shea processors in the local shea producing communities. Successful businesses tend to have passionate people at their helms, entrepreneurs who understand the uniqueness of their products and services, and who understand theneeds of their target markets.

Other Butters. Daolus Organic Products is all about creating and sharing value. Use Shea on its own as an all over body moisturiser or whip it up with a few drops of essential oils for added benefits.

I must say I was extremely pleased with the products and free e-book to make additional skin care products. Refining also improves the shelf life and stability of the cosmetic product it is used in. It gives me joy seeing companies that have grown so fast using my natural products for different formulations and producing different types of skin and hair products.

I also received a recipe book with every purchase. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.