Stained Teeth

But not everyone can get this laser dentistry procedure; a thorough dental exam and consultation is required to get your dentist's go-ahead. In its mildest form, fluorosis appears as small opaque white flecks on the enamel surface.

Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth

Internal resorption may sometimes follow dental trauma although in other cases it appears unrelated. Finland - Suomi. International Journal of Dermatology. These stains typically affect anterior teeth the six upper and lower front teeth. But sometimes, the tooth root may need to be removed. Dear Dr. Request an Appointment Contact. You also can buy whitening products over the counter. But if you want some peace of mind, consult a pediatric dentist. The dark compounds found in products we consume coffee, tea, cola, wine, tobacco, etc Back Oral Care Center.

Brown Spots on Teeth Causes ColgateĀ® Oral Care

Salivary glands. Dentists recommend that you rinse your mouth with water after having wine, coffee or other drinks or foods that can stain your teeth. Genetic or environmental factors can sometimes cause teeth to have less enamel than they need.

Sanchez Sign Up. Jordan, Thank you for your expertise in removing wisdom teeth. Learn about fast whitening options! All Rights Reserved. Patients with a dental crown or porcelain veneers are limited, too. And the act of chewing may distract people from the pain. Stains, stains go away! Costa Rica. Intrinsic stains may be more difficult or take longer to remove. Like us on Facebook. These brown spots may also come from the dentin underneath, which has a naturally darker shade when exposed by worn enamel.