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Mistrial a trial that has been made invalid. If dividends on these shares have not been paid in previous years the arrears must be paid before a dividend can be paid on the ordinary shares. Chambers the offices used by barristers and the judge's private office.

Then I tell you my client bought such property last week. Perverting the course of justice doing something to interfere with the justice system such as misleading the court or intimidating witnesses. Annuity an amount paid out every year to someone.

You now think my client is a fool to pay money again and again for the same piece of property. Devise to leave land in a will.

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Obligee someone who, under a contract, receives money or has something done. Also, remember that if amending existing law, cite it in the title. Charity Commission an organisation responsible for checking that charities are run properly. The official Rules of Order adopted by the Executive Council are the final authority on all issues of rules and procedure. The Crown has the right to alter, cancel or reduce the penalties imposed by the courts.

Low-tech high court to weigh police search of smartphones Next: I blogged about it at the time. Children in care children looked after by a local authority. If the accused person does not appear at the trial, the court can keep the money put up for bail. Derogation damaging someone's rights or entitlements. Issue the legal word for: The coupon has to be surrendered given back to get the interest or dividend on the bond. Order an instruction by or command of a court.

Decree absolute the final court order which ends a marriage. Per quod in accordance with or whereby. They will also appreciate a letter that emphasizes what you can do for their company. Other criminal laws, in turn, simply specify that a violation is a "Class B felony" or "Class C misdemeanor", which refers to section of the TCA.

The OEC data also suggests that it occurs often in news and blog sources come back subs, all is forgiven! TCA Online It has an electronic search on the same web page.

Free of encumbrances no one else having any rights over something. Defamation making a statement, either orally or in writing, which damages someone's reputation. HM Customs and Excise a government department responsible for administering managing value added tax, customs duties and excise duties.

A variant form is the phrase provided, however, that.