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Asks him to come and discuss the new works. This copy sent by Brown to Crompton. Stevenson and Mr. Crompton family with Mr. Cheque on back.

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Timmins, 'Technological Change' in M. Industrial relations and the industrial revolution: Going back many years ago, the family tree states that Samuel Crompton Is related to the Brookes and Cunliffe family.

Samuel Crompton 3 December — 26 June was an English inventor and pioneer of the spinning industry. William Hind with. Rules of the Bolton Dispensary.

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Of the Will of Samuel Crompton. Craigie, Fearnhurst to Mr. Mules are still in use for spinning woolen and alpaca, and being produced across the world. Tells of another invention "The Wringer" made by Crompton. Living up to his reputation of being 'strict and circumspect in all his commercial relations', Turner wrote in an authoritarian manner, complaining frequently about the quality and cost of production and threatening to close the mill unless economies were achieved.

It lagged behind cotton in adopting new technology. Blackburn are to approach Mr. James Grundy, Bolton - order for supply of cambrics to be sent by coach. Advises Crompton to look up Mr. Lee advises Crompton to accept a moderate sum rather than await the next session of Parliament. George Lee to Mr. For this reason, woolen fibres are carded using condenser cards which rub the carded fibres together rather than drafting them. Wood required for Dry House, Whitehall Works?

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