The retarding effect of the subtropical jet delays the Indian monsoon by up to one month compared with the rest of Asia. Monsoon A monsoon is a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing wind.

These create areas of low air pressure above coastal lands compared with pressure over the seas, causing winds to flow from the seas onto the neighboring lands. UK weather today. Indian Meteorological Department. Times of India. Oceania weather. The monsoon was weak or virtually nonexistent in the Sahel from through , and again during several periods throughout the s, s, and early s. Oct 1 [28]. Because of its effect on agriculture , on flora and fauna , and on the climates of nations such as Bangladesh , Bhutan , India , Nepal , Pakistan , and Sri Lanka — among other economic , social , and environmental effects — the monsoon is one of the most anticipated, tracked, [3] and studied weather phenomena in the region.

Asian monsoon rains force millions to flee. Based on the time of year that these winds bring rain to India, the monsoon can also be categorized into two periods:. Research and Forecast. While not as severe as the floods, 2. It is surrounded by ocean on two sides and very tall mountains on the third.

The Indian Monsoon

Hindustan Times. Northern Ireland weather. Plan your journey with our travel weather tool. As long as the subtropical jet blows over India, it inhibits the development of summer monsoon.

Monsoon of South Asia

During the rainy season, the multiple channels of the Meghna merge to form a vast river of water and silt. The prevailing winds of the atmospheric circulation arise because of the difference in pressure at various latitudes and act as means for distribution of thermal energy on the planet.

You will also need a cup full of ice cubes, a small candle in a candle holder such as a tea-light , and some black or dark-colored construction paper. The influence of the Southwest Monsoon is felt as far north as in China's Xinjiang. In the spring the land heats up.

In the colder months, the cycle is reversed. Many were also left with no choice but to sell their chickens and milk cows—for about half of the pre-flood prices.


Land surfaces cool off quickly in response to cooler weather, but the same property of water that makes it slow to absorb heat also causes it to cool slowly. Then have your parent or a teacher carefully light the candle and place it at the opposite end of the shoe box.

Monsoon of South Asia. Clark, and L. The sludge, like the floodwaters, contained contaminants that spread disease and provided a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Floodwaters took at least one thousand lives in India before continuing into Bangladesh.

Monsoon variations are still not entirely understood, making the prediction of the monsoon a distant goal. Monsoon Monsoon from Arabic, mausim , season technically means a reversal of winds, that point between the dry and the wet seasons in tropical and subtropical India, Southeast Asia , and parts of Africa and Australia , when seasonal winds change their direction. A strong easterly tropical jet results in a strong southwest monsoon over central India, and a weak jet results in a weak monsoon.

The Guardian. Encyclopaedia of the history of science, technology, and medicine in non-western cultures. Retrieved Southwest winds blow onto the land from the southwest.