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Therefore, in order to achieve a deeper level of detection through automation, there has to be a combination of multiple security events with environmental information to give the context of an event and provide insight into the proper response. Whoever has access to remote naturally has access to all the things such as resources, services, using intents etc Different methods by which you can get context getApplicationContext getContext getBaseContext or this when in the activity class Example: Have a plan to use the information - One benefit of context-aware data processing and analytics is that it can identify attackers based upon their activity and behavior on your network.

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It depends on context. It's hard to actually explain, i've realised! How do you get these things? And in order for Android to do this, it needs access to information that is supplied by Context.

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Since Application, Activity, Service implement the Context interface they can be used where an api call needs a Context parameter.

The Context is the android specific api to each app-s Sandbox that provides access app private data like to resources, database, private filedirectories, preferences, settings Play the game. Of, involving, or depending on a context.

Is it an actual attack or a false positive? Comments on contextual definition What made you want to look up contextual definition? Improve network security — The emergence of widespread threat actors and organized cyber-criminal organizations have created an environment where companies are under constant siege. As you finish up watching a movie or show on Netflix, you are served with similar content or the next in the series. What is Context Awareness for Data Networks?

For example, you can check the size of the current device display via the Context. Sameer Segal Sameer Segal You also need to be able to easily filter based upon those application signatures.

Security Intelligence: Why Contextual Information Is So Important

Checking whether you have been granted a particular permission. Instances of the the class android. Related posts. Share this article: Essentially the concept of contextual marketing is another step towards making the customer front and centre of everything you do. The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.