World War II: Key Dates

During the conference, Roosevelt announces the war can end only with "unconditional German surrender.

December 19, - Hitler takes complete control of the German Army. Army secured a foothold in the central islands. Once in control of these areas, the Japanese intended to establish a defensive perimeter stretching from the Kurile Islands south through Wake, the Marianas, the Carolines, and the Marshalls and Gilberts to Rabaul on New Britain.

Germany and the Soviet Union divide Poland between them. July 1, - German U-boats attack merchant ships in the Atlantic.

They also, in and , pressed the Chinese and British to get a drive under way in Burma to reopen the supply line to China in phase with their Pacific advances, offering extensive air and logistical support.

Thank you for your feedback. In November, he was again to have the support of main units of the Pacific Fleet in an assault on Mindanao. The two commanders were also completing plans. The Rise of Hitler - from unknown to dictator of Germany.

This defeat, which assured the success of the invasions of both Biak and the Marianas, illustrates well the interdependence of operations in the two Pacific areas. Recognized immediately by Germany and Italy, the new state includes the province of Bosnia-Herzegovina. September 1, - Nazis invade Poland. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: March 23 - Enabling Act gives Hitler dictatorial power.

More information about this image. September 8 - Germany admitted to League of Nations. November 22, - Greeks defeat the Italian 9th Army. July 18 - Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" published. Resistance in Greece ceases in early June March 16 - Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription.

October 29 - Stock Market on Wall Street crashes. December - Soviets launch offensives on the Ukrainian front. At the end of October, New Zealanders and U.

August 23, - Nazis and Soviets sign Pact.

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Six times from August to the end of November they challenged American naval superiority in the South Pacific in a series of sharp surface engagements.

The Ryukyus campaign had brought Allied forces in the Pacific to Japan's doorstep. First, air and naval forces isolated an objective and softened its defenses; simultaneously, joint forces would attack or feint toward other islands to deceive the Japanese. April 30, Hitler commits suicide. May 11, - Allies attack the Gustav Line south of Rome. December 17, - Waffen-SS murder 81 U. The economy of the country continually tottered on the brink of collapse, and the Chinese Army, although it was a massive force on paper, remained ill organized, ill equipped, poorly led, and generally incapable of offensive action.

November 20, - Hungary joins the Axis Powers. Perceiving their danger, the Japanese in a second phase offensive tried to sever the Allied lines of communications to Australia and to expand their perimeter in the Pacific.

July 23, - Soviets take Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. June 28, —September Germany and her Axis partners launch a new offensive in the Soviet Union. Another important facet of the Pacific war was the development and employment of amphibious assault techniques, repeatedly demonstrating the need for unified command.

March 16, - Germans bomb Scapa Flow naval base near Scotland.