Have Your Say: What Is The Best Fight Scene Ever?

The ending is OK, it tries to hard to be emotional but at least it doesn't try to be clean and sanitised. What I want to highlight is the relationship between Tae Sik and So-mi.

So many good ones, the new season of Daredevil had a great one in episode Brace yourself for a bloody massacre, but one that is not just of a bloody mess but of mission and gracefulness. The mother steals some heroin from some gangsters, and so they kidnap both the mother and the girl. But right now, South Korea is something like what Hong Kong was during that golden era. Recent Posts. Haven't seen her in a while. I was right. Simply wow. So-mi's curious, talkative, and lighthearted personality is a compliment to Tae-Shik's dark and quiet disposition.

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Trending Posts. The final showdown begins with a shootout between Tae-Sik and the gangsters, but the guns are thrown away after a few minutes in favour of Tae-Sik engaging the gangsters in hand-to-hand combat. If you like A History of Violence, you will love this film. Where the film succeeds is that it does not borrow too heavily from predecessors in the Korean revenge circuit, and proceeds to craft an interesting story with elements that are both unique and welcome to the genre.

This story has been done many times, however there are further developments in the plot that completely changes the structure of the movie making it another beast altogether. When Won Bin beats up a police station full of cops, we see only flashes of it on security cameras. The Man From Nowhere is a raw fucking film. Since then I've been very impressed.

The Man From Nowhere (2010)

Thinking about it hurts me here pounding her chest. He is fearless and ruthless, determined to find Somi.

So-Mi's capture and her mom's demise moves the plot forward with Cha having to rely on skills from his past to reclaim the only life of normalcy he knows, as he goes on a one man rampage trying to piece together how deep the rabbit hole of villainy goes, while on the chase by both the cops, led by Detective Kim Chi-Gon Kim Tae-Hun and the villains all out to put a stop to his series of destruction to their business.

They were each other's only friend. Seeing this movie really made me see his deep commitment and utter embodiment of his role on the level of a Christian Bale and say, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Have Your Say: What Is The Best Fight Scene Ever?

It turns out that they are just using him as a pawn to get rid of another gang. Woh Bin, the action scenes, the innocence of the little girl and the story moved a lot faster. Rodriguez was also a producer on Predators , a low-key franchise reboot that was a lot better than it had to be. There were some scenes I couldn't watch though I have really low tolerance for violence. Kim Sae-ron Share This Story. Last year, New Line bought the rights to remake The Man From Nowhere , and I cannot imagine any Hollywood director coming up with anything as brutally majestic as that knife fight.

I guess 'real' is the word.