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The 4-color process is a special method of screen printing which uses the essential colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black. Second cuts can be made but produce only short fibres, which are more difficult to spin. Jacks Place. Technically, everything, given enough time, will react to some degree with oxygen as the universe becomes more randomized.

For higher quantity orders, the increase in price is negligible. Ladies of fashion wore elaborately decorated bonnets when they left home: Can I see a sample of what my patches will look like before being charged? Even at the smallest standard size 50 by 20 mm , it is easy to slide up to 25 folded U. Labels are more commonly used for subtle commercial branding efforts, mainly within the fashion industry but also in everyday consumer goods.

This section is empty. We are here to get your project started. An extra shipping fee will also be added to your invoice. Our most popular method is the dye-sublimated aprons style for edge-to-edge printing.

Toques & Scarves

Our patches — including our printed patches — will do a much more satisfactory job of getting your design on right and keeping it there game after game. Screen printing is always limited to solid colors only, with no color gradients, and it cannot print to the edge of the bandana. What sizes are your do your scarves come in?

We've got great reputation. The usual fabric was wool, but silk capes for dress were often made. That lets you sit back, relax and create. Since each patch is unique, pricing is provided in the individual quote process — meaning you get the best possible price for the options and design you request. Most silk was imported from China and India.

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Fitteds By Chin. Our craft paper stickers and other paper stickers are for indoor use in dry settings only. Pittsburgh Fan. The minimum design line width is 0. In fact, the total price of one piece and ten pieces is only marginally different.

One at a time, each printed color is applied using a different stencil, combined to achieve the final look. Do you have a minimum order quantity for care and size labels?

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Our standard ribbons, cords, and chain necklaces are Just Sports 3. In the slight chance you find something wrong with your finished product, we will offer a redo or refund as deemed suitable. Yarn is skeined using a niddy-noddy or other type of skein -winder.