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All the elements of a group have similar chemical properties.

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Tyndall effect. Proteins and nucleic acid However, recent advances in surgery often called minimally invasive or laparoroscopic surgery allow for very small incisions.

It has taken place due to the following reasons: Name the muscle responsible for bringing change in the focal length of the eye lens? Identify it is metal or nonmetal. Yashica Mittal answered this. Pinus or at the base of internodes e. Ans The aquatic organisms obtain oxygen dissolved in water.

Ans 3. What is bio-mass?

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C if its direction changes after every. H2SO4 at K gives Z. Give one example. Therefore, asexually reproducing organisms are capable of showing hereditary features.

Which of these carry blood? Red colour of flower dominant over white flower iii.

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Bends towards the normal. It has regions which receive sensory impulses from various receptors. Walking is a voluntary action.

For example, feathers were evolved for warmth, later they were adapted for flight.

How does phototropism occur in plants explain ? -

Name the substance. Why do you think there should be equitable distribution of resources? Why do people in the mountainous regions get goitre?

All pregnancies must be planned. Do the plants have nervous plants like animals? Most centers want women to wait a year or more.

Which body organ is surrounded by meninges? Damage to eyes 3. It does not involve any kind of thinking or feeling to control the reaction.