Mole Sauce Enchiladas

Serve immediately. Cook 35 mins. This super easy, no-cook, homemade mole sauce is made from scratch, and gives regular chicken enchiladas a delicious twist for a super fast Mexican dinner to meal prep or even throw together for a quick and easy weeknight meal.

This recipe requires you first to make another recipe from my site, mole verde.

Easy Chicken Mole Enchiladas - KitchMe

This mole sauce has the addition of chocolate, peanut butter, and cinnamon. To a stock pot, I add the mole paste and store-bought chicken broth , or if you have time, this is my recipe for homemade chicken broth.

I would love to try these. My friends, it involves a lot of ingredients, frying in lard. Dona Maria Mole. Once the mole is ready, move on to the next steps. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pork Chile Verde This recipe for chile verde uses fresh or canned chiles and tomatillos.

The name "fajitas" refers to the type of me. Mole Sauce Enchiladas. Mexico Cooks blog. Stir and bring the mole back up to a simmer.

Beyond Easy Chicken Mole Enchiladas

The result is something straight from an upscale Mexican restaurant. I am looking for a recipe for a beef mole. Did I miss something? Sesame Noodles.

Mole Verde Chicken Enchiladas

Mexican cooking authority Diana Kennedy cites an early reference from an American traveler from who remarked, "Enchiladas, a greasy tortilla sandwich containing chiles and a number of other uninviting looking compounds and other nasty messes, are sold everywhere, filling the air with a pungent, nauseous smell. I use corn tortillas for enchiladas because I love them. This simple flavorful mole recipe gives you the soul of traditional mole without all the hard work.

Dona Maria Mole Enchiladas come together very quickly.

Instructions For the Mole Sauce. Follow the directions here for preparing the mole paste. Add to a bowl and keep aside Serve immediately. We used mole paste for this recipe. Chicken Mole Enchiladas. Mole is usually reserved for special occasions in our family. I just made this exactly as written and it was good!