Nokia N8: Hardware Impresses, but Software Underwhelms

I have installed a few apps from Ovi Store that I am unable to delete. Nokia N8 has some annoying issues by Volker Weber While I am very impressed with Nokia's progress, there are a few annoying issues. By the way regarding the apps that you can't delete, if they show up as icons in any of the main folders you can try to delete them by choosing organize and then pressing doing a long tap the icon of the app in question, you should then get a menu which has an "erase" option.

When Nokia announced the Symbian S3 revamp , I had hoped for cleaner, more modern-looking typography and aesthetically pleasing icons. Interestingly, the optimised route is similar to the one my father used to take to Wembley Stadium when he worked as a coach driver. A few features in the software didn't strike me as user-friendly. The N8 does have a route overview, but this is on the menu, of which more below.

I found myself always using the keyboard in landscape mode, which meant having to text two-handed rather than one-handed.

Or lazyness on the publishers side. The power button, a 3.

Nokia Ovi Maps na Symbian - Download

This clearly shows the differing development of the two versions - the N8 Drive is an offshoot of the original Maps application, whereas the Lumia version of Drive is a totally separate app from the Lumia Nokia Maps app.

The user interface is designed for drivers and map data includes attributes such as turn restrictions, physical barriers and one-way streets. Retrieved 18 July Is't quite surprising that Nokia ships an app like Social, isn't it? The USB is version 2. At a Glance.

Nokia N8: Hardware Impresses, but Software Underwhelms PCWorld

But S3 looks more or less the same as the previous version with some tweaks and added features here and there. Trading name. Set destination, Drive home and Just drive, as well as a check to enable live traffic rerouting. The Offline mode may not require an active internet connection. Excellent Camera Nokia says that the built-in megapixel Zeiss camera has the largest sensor on any phone. Did you know that Nokia N8 allows you to map network drives supported by a WebDav server. Nokia stated that the Nokia from , would be the last Symbian phone.

And it's all free Unfortunately it uses a very small font which cannot be adjusted.

Sygic Mobile Maps 10 lands on Symbian^3 (Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01)

Ovi Store apps are not current. Nokia N8. Archived from the original on 17 November Live 1. Mapping data GPS navigation software. Interesting times. Nokia Ovi Maps 3. Version 3.

For free, and for money. I did notice that switching away from Drive on the Lumia causes it to have to regain the GPS signal when switching back. I guess most people do.

There are many customers using HERE mapping data as the backbone for their mobile apps, and the SDK provides access to information such as average road speeds, traffic build-up, and maximum loads that can be transported on a particular road. The calendar has seen some further touch optimization. Nokia Maps 3 - See your location on the map, explore places around you - or anywhere in the world - and share them.