The Simple Science Behind Thunder That Rolls and Crackles

During a cloud-to-ground flash, the first stroke of lightning is downward from the cloud along the channel.

Thunder: Lightning's Sound Waves

The shock wave, pressure, and propagation of thunder may cause exterior and interior damage to structures. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The end of the rumble is the farthest part of the bolt. Highs and Lows and Winds. Cloud seeding.

Ci fibratus. The average lightning flash distance between two flashes averages about mikes km , but 6 miles 9.

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The flash-to-bang method of protection considers the time between seeing lightning to hearing its thunder. Popping of nail-supported drywall away from horizontal and vertical wooden studs inside houses has been documented.

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Hidden categories: Therefore, the lightning is approximately one kilometer distant for every three seconds that elapse between the visible flash and the first sound of thunder or one mile for every five seconds. What should you do in a thunderstorm?

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Word Family. Earth's Atmosphere. Thus, the sound of thunder will be deflected upward. It appears that people pay more attention to the rain than to the danger from lightning injury.

That's the rumble you hear. Oxford University Press. Swimming is particularly dangerous, as not only do swimmers protrude from the water, presenting a potential channel for electrical discharge, but also because water is a good conductor of electricity. I was so spooked I was wondering for a bit if I'd gotten hit and was actually dead!

About 10 percent of lightning-stroke victims are killed, and 70 percent suffer serious long-term effects. Funnel cloud. Cambridge, England: Hi PepperC - does thunder sound different depending on the direction?

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Become proactive about safety, instead of reactive. Of course, on the ground, we hear the closet part first, which are the upward streamers, then the step leader, which is farther away but occurred first.

Beaufort Scale.