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As a result of this design, you benefit from a smooth yet flavorful hit as your smoke is supercooled and filtered by the time it reaches your lips. The honeycomb disc on top forces the vapor through the tiny holes, which provide additional filtration.

Industrial Use: Yes ODM: Secure Payments Secured and trusted. Larger pipes are going to take more from your wallet, but provide a stable home-piece and come with more room for modification and percolation.

Whether buying your first bong, replacing an old piece or simply adding to your collection of smoking supplies, picking out the right item can seem daunting. Nathan Underwood on January 22, Purr Glass. Water Pipes. For example, one of the pipes can be used for dry herb while another is perfect for concentrate oils and dabs. The Mobius Glass bongs on sale are made from durable glass, and the company is known for creating particularly beautiful looking pieces.

As a wholesale platform, we have been offering lots of China super bong smoking suppliers online. Most of its products are extremely customizable, such as the Ice Bong with its Spiral Percolators , so you can tweak your piece until you find that perfect arrangement that suits you best. Related Searches: Dab Rigs Concentrate on this section if you are looking for a new Dab Rig.

Follow Us: When you fill the water levels correctly, there is no danger of resistance as you take a rip. This glass weed bong is a bong and pipe hybrid. Remember, you have to get the resin out of every single chamber and the base when cleaning the bong. Rolling Papers.

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You have to hold it in your hand to fully appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The Best Online Headshop. Subscribe Invite customers to join your mailing list. Read More. Thousands of glass bong users have added various liquids to the bottom of the chamber to try and influence the smoke flavor. Shopping Cart 0 Your cart is currently empty. Choose from a variety of glass hand pipes, grinders, bubblers, and wax pens all in stock and ready to ship.

Fast and Free Shipping. Round Style: These are fairly standard names of these smoking devices in the US that a majority of people may know, but what about other places in the world? Although the firm is part of the German brand Near Dark, all of their glass water pipes are made in Asia by specialist glass blowers. TAG - 9.