How to Throw A Raclette Party

Raclette Dinner Party

Close Thanks! Line a basket or bowl with a napkin and wrap the hot potatoes in it to keep them warm.

Powered by: Is raclette popular in Germany? Things can get a bit messy when melted cheese is involved! Eat, Little Bird 9 January Today, there are raclette grills — table-top machines containing heating elements, like electric broilers, with cooking trays underneath. When it's ready, you pour the melted cheese over potatoes, meat, and vegetables on your plates.

Raclette Dinner

A Raclette meal is super easy and great for dinner parties. This Blogger's Books and Other Items from These days, we also like to cook sausages for the children, and sometimes I will buy a nice piece of beef fillet if we have guests joining us.

Book your trip call: Cut the raclette cheese into pan-sized slices and set them out on a dish. Despite this meal being heavy on the charcuterie, I once had a surprise vegetarian guest for a Raclette dinner. For a thirst-quenching nonalcoholic suggestion, try sparkling mineral water. The Tabletop Food Shop.

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Raclette - Melted Mountain Cheese with Potatoes and Pickles

However, as the Swiss do, these alpine people have created such strict raclette rules as to almost take the joy out of eating it. Melted cheese dishes were the staple food of mountain herdsman while they lived on the alp and took care of the cows, milking and cheese-making operations.

Instead of grilling meat and sausages, it is also traditional to serve a plate of charcuterie or cold cuts, such as salami, ham and other deli meats. Cheese and potatoes on its own can be quite heavy and filling, and I think the addition of grilled vegetables make it more of a complete meal.

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Jillian 3 November I like to add half a teaspoon of brined green peppercorns to plain raclette cheese before grilling it. We have even combined raclette with charbonnade by using the top grill!

Sharon 30 December I noticed the wedges of Raclette near by and tried it.

I just recently discovered raclette in our local commissary. Scrape over potatoes. The mild varieties have a characteristic pungency, so it is definitely a dish for cheese-lovers only. I will have to try it melted.

Some people even put slices of potatoes into the coupelles so that the cheese melts directly on top.