Step 2: How Insects Protect Themselves Insects have many natural enemies. These serve as food for the wasps' larvae.

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They show that each facet sees a separate image of only a part of the object. Watch an insect as its antennae wave about in the air or feel the surface on which it is standing.

One of these is by the use of insecticide sprays. Now use what you know about insects to design your own. Found indoors in early spring as they emerge from cracks and crevices where they spent the winter.

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Some insects with incomplete metamorphosis never develop wings. It eats constantly, biting and chewing its food with powerful jaws, called mandibles. They study an insect in all its life stages, to find when it is easiest to destroy the insect. Insects are being studied for two main reasons. Each time a new and bigger skin grows in place of the old one. Insects, like most animals, have a special digestive system for this purpose.

If insects were to grow as large as humans, they would be little, if any, stronger. You will have to look closely to see the mouth unless the grasshopper is chewing. The gas has an irritating effect on the enemy. Often the young that hatch from these eggs become adults in a few weeks and are able to lay eggs in turn. How an Insect Breathes Like all animals, insects must breathe.

There are many different sizes and shapes of antennae among insects. The stinger is a modified egg-laying organ, so only females sting. Each segment of the insect's body has a pair of nostrils.

Bugs for Kids: Learn about insects and arachnids

The strength of a muscle depends on its thickness, not on its length. Shelters of Social Insects Social insects build elaborate homes to shelter the colony. While grasping the substrate with their six thoracic legs, they hunch the abdomen up toward the thorax, grasp the substrate with their prolegs, and then extend the anterior end as far as possible.

Insect Mimicry Some moths and butterflies fool their enemies by looking like an insect that is bad-tasting or has a poisonous sting.

Instead, the larva molts, or sheds its skin when it becomes too tight. The Insect's Blood System An insect's blood is not red like ours. How many body parts does the spider have? Unlike other animals, insects cannot turn, move, or focus either set of eyes. If you see numerous house centipedes, it means that there are other insects in the home for them to feed on.