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This week we step out of the lab and into the hospital to celebrate one of our most treasured institutions. Clean How Do I Look? Are we nearly there yet? Retrieved 25 March How do electric eels work?

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Mass Extinction! Bemused, Martha continues on. This week, The Naked Scientists delve into the paranormal. Series 7: Martha uses CPR on the Doctor's two hearts to revive him. As the shocked Morgenstern tells them they didn't have to do that, the commanding Judoon replies, "Justice is swift. The Judoon are brilliant as, in the end, both good and bad guys, David Tennant is quality as always the best Doctor ever? She scans Florence, who now registers as alien, having assimilated the Doctor's blood.

What's best to eat for the health of the planet? Clean Senses Month: Find out why smaller dogs live longer t Throughout four programmes in July, come dip your toes into all things aquatic as we work our way down to the bottom of the deepest ocean. Clean Combating Cancer. Are black holes really holes?

There is a tremor, and when Martha looks out, she realises that the hospital is on the Moon. Edit Did You Know? Clean Gravitational Waves: Clean Edited by Matthew Tabern. Clean Drug Discovery: We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. How do out-of-body experiences happen? The episode sees alien police-for-hire called the Judoon transporting a London hospital to the Moon to hunt down a shapeshifting alien fugitive called " Florence Finnegan " Anne Reid , who is posing as a human patient inside.

We talk to one specialist who's making great strides in doing just that. Plus, making greener concrete and why bird populations are droppin Legacy Mr. Judoon stories.

The Hidden World of Symmetry.