OSS in Action The Mediterranean and European Theaters (U.S. National Park Service)

Once ashore, the team had left the explosives in the rafts and sent scouts to locate the nearby tunnel. Food was scarce. In all, Americans in 21 OG teams parachuted into France in OSS Maritime Unit was in charge of the seaborne ferrying, but it was actually performed by many men from Special Operations.

Amidst Warring Factions in Yugoslavia In Yugoslavia, the goals of the OSS were to help the resistance forces to sabotage railroad lines carrying supplies into Germany, to tie down tens of thousands of German occupation troops and prevent them from being used on the front lines against the Allied armies. In the fall, he came down with jaundice and nervous exhaustion and was shipped back to the states in November Eventually, the Allies agreed to recognize the royal government of King Victor Emmanuel with Badoglio as prime minister.

They were interrogated, and on Sunday morning, March 26, only five days after they had landed, all fifteen, were taken in trucks to a open field along the coast called Punta di Bianca, southeast of La Spezia.

Allied air forces subsequently bombed the key parts of those U-boat facilities and significantly reduced the effectiveness of German submarine operations in the Atlantic. Despite having their radio broken and suffering a broken ankle on the drop into the mountains, Formichelli and his team of Italian-American OGs evaded or beat off several German patrols.

A special brigade of SS troops was sent to find them, and on 17 October , the team awoke to find the village surrounded. By air, it was initially by parachute drops, although increasingly rough airstrips were built, first for small planes and then for two-engine transports.

But in their sojourns as they moved closer to their targets, the Americans and the accompanying partisans often had to fight they way out of surprise attacks by German patrols.

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Three minutes later a blast rocked the ravine, sent the bridge framework into the air, and shot a column of flame and smoke that could be seen for twenty miles. Arriving at local villages wearing their American uniforms with a U. Lieutenants O.

Jack Hemingway was an avid fisherman like his father, and he took with him on the parachute drop not simply his pistol but a rod and reel and a fly fishing box. Capestro remembered the intensive parachute training and as well as field exercises day and night.

There had been no explosion at the tunnel, and the team had disappeared.

The destruction of the two main bridges severely restricted the flow of chrome ore so important to the German war effort. The villagers were excited to see the Americans, especially Greek Americans who could speak the native language fluently.

There was an exchange of machine gun fire, and the Americans headed back to Corsica. As the German trucks approached, he set off the explosives, spilling down rocks and debris and forming an improvised road block substantial enough to slow but not prevent enemy passage.

OSS in Action The Mediterranean and European Theaters

One or two of the Resistance leaders had been informants for the Gestapo. Then the soldiers began leaping into choppy waters of the English Channel, where the swells were up to twelve feet high.

Green and his team set up a headquarters and established communications with Bari. Donovan personally liked Tofte and thought his operation had been quite successful. More were captured later as they tried to obtain food. But because of his escape record, Sage was removed to a more secure prison camp before the actual breakout occurred at Stalag Luft III in the spring of Operating near Limoges, they blew up bridges, blasted highways, dug anti-tank ditches, and planted mines and booby traps.