Government ‘constitutionally bound’ to hold presidential inauguration on Armistice Day

Calls to move Presidential Inauguration date as it will clash with Armistice Day memorial

There is a wonder-drug that all schools should be prescribing Niall Moyna Exercise should be viewed as medicine. John Dickins, the pastor of Old St. Inauguration Day is a public holiday. Dean remove the streetlights along Pennsylvania Avenue as they prepare for the Inauguration Parade.

First inauguration of Andrew Jackson.

Why does Inauguration Day fall on January 20? - HISTORY

Facebook Twitter. Problems playing these files? Washington National Cathedral. An overview of preparations of the inaugural stage on Sunday. District Judge Sarah T.

Most of the following Presidents and Presidents-elect have continued this tradition of traveling together to the ceremony. First inauguration of Calvin Coolidge Extraordinary inauguration. While most have, Theodore Roosevelt did not use a Bible when taking the oath in ; [23] neither did John Quincy Adams in Democracy's Big Day: President Obama gets sworn in during a big ceremony Monday, but the real inaugural takes place Sunday.

However, over the years, various traditions have arisen that have expanded the inauguration from a simple oath-taking ceremony to a day-long event, including parades and multiple social gatherings. Every President since Washington has delivered an Inaugural address.

First inauguration of Richard Nixon. Cabinet Room , White House. Hughes administered the oath of office to Lyndon B. Some of the most eloquent and powerful speeches are still quoted today. Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. The problem is that November 11 clashes with the th anniversary of the end of the Great War. USA Today. Only three incumbent presidents have refused to accompany the president-elect: The parade, which proceeds along the 1. The way inauguration ceremony events are communicated to the public has changed over the years with each advance in technology.

News Daily Headlines Receive our lunchtime briefing straight to your inbox. Ratified January 23, While there have been celebrations over the results in some quarters and expressions of bitterness in others, people have begun concentrating on their work instead of remaining fixated with the events of the past week in which six people died after the army fired on protesting civilians.

James Monroe, March 4, ". This is not only due to the actual ceremony and parades that accompany it but also the protests and demonstrations that are organized and the massive security operation that takes place.

Zimbabwe President-elect Mnangagwa’s inauguration date yet unknown –Spokesman – Punch Newspapers

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