How to “Save” Supermarket Herbs

Water frequently.

Hope that helps! We mentioned the many varieties available in herbs mistake 3 , so if you liked spearmint and had success with it, perhaps you can try growing chocolate mint. Will this be harmful and should I change the soil?

Using a pot that has no drainage mechanisms is not recommended. This ultimate tutorial shows you how to create faux calligraphy in a step-by-step format and shows you useful ways to utilize faux calligraphy in your life!

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This ought to be a tough, long-lived plant, but plants sold in supermarkets have usually been so badly mistreated they die once you get them home. Do you know when or how to properly repot a plant? Think of what you like to cook with and try adding it to your garden.

Use within a week. So I feel the need to chime in on your advice which is spot on except for one bit. Mistake 1: Thus plants, after an initial encouraging recovery following thinning or repotting, will probably slow down again and many will indeed begin to gradually waste away… but at least they will have lasted months rather than weeks!

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Here are a few signs that your plant needs a new home: The long daylight hours of late spring and summer, for that matter are like rocket fuel for indoor plants. Ready to Re-Pot? BY Brian Young Jun 3, Or, find a sunny, south-facing window to give them as much natural light as possible. Sage and Dill do better with neglect. Why not try some rosemary, mint, oregano and thyme! To transplant a plant to a bigger pot, start by watering the plant to make removal easier.

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Sow at intervals of three to four weeks to ensure a continuous supply of fresh leaves. Will I eventually have to let the plant die as a result of space restriction and start over?! What is the plant in your photos — I love its colors and textures! Pro tip: