Daily Juice

Zhu yi.


Have you got that?: Some rules, like those natural forces of the Universe, are unbendable, regardless how much you may want it to change. General Actions Adjectives Other - Other: Bu ke neng Kick me in the butt: Gui Goddamned: Are you full?

Gui Deserving of bad consequence or fate: Se duhng Gang leader: Wei xian Despicable: Good journey or bon voyage: I'll be right with you: Gao yang zhong de gu yang , literally "Orphan goats among young goats" My Mother exclaimation: Provide quotes to support the facts you mention. Courtesies - Statements: Nan zi han Shoot with unfailing accuracy, be a crack shot: Do you really love me?: Taikong suoyou de xingqiu saijin wo de pigu!

Chinese slang (??, Liyu)

Ni Zhen Shuai You are handsome. Suan le Hold on a second: Ni hun qiu You're all idiots: Simple, Right?

Boss; superior: Kuang zhe de , literally "crazy" Old: I'm very well. Ni hao hello! I agree. Dang ran Okay: Proper Names - Nouns: Ren ci de shang di, qing dai wo zou Merciless Hell: Do you understand?