Are aliens watching old TV shows?

For any alien civilizations to have heard us, they must be within the bubble.

How Far Into Space Can Radio Telescopes Hear?

Is it possible that alien, and perhaps us in the future, have found a way to organise such non-well defined packets into well defined systems that could carry info? Distance to sun 96 million miles. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I'm still good too. And I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

At the time I'm recording this video, it's late , so those transmissions have escaped into space years ago. SETI folks usually search for coherent, narrowband signals that would almost certainly be artificial.

And by Grabthar's hammer, I assure you it's only by focusing our transmissions and beaming them straight at another star do we stand a chance of alerting aliens of our presence. Mars requires earth days. The stars must be closer than you believe else we simply could not see them. Comments KennyC: KA9Q obviously you are experienced in radio. In the four and a half billion year age of the earth, that is a mere blink of the eye.

Since both the Earth and Mars orbit the sun at different distances and speed, the distance between us constantly changes.

Why do you hear some radio stations better at night? HowStuffWorks

You are viewing an older version of this Read. Physics Electromagnetic Radiation. Further, 1 cubic decimeter equals 1 liter of water weighing 1kg which can also come in quite handy in everyday life. When Mars is directly behind Earth at the closest possible point, it is only four minutes away. The Milky Way stretches between , and , light-years across, depending on where you measure, which means a signal broadcast from one side of the galaxy would take , years or more to reach the other side.

This is how far human radio broadcasts have reached into the galaxy

History of Radio Pictures. That's not the point.

What do you have against that? If the earth is on one side of the sun and mars is on the other side, then the distance from the earth to mars is greater than from the earth to the sun.

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, despite being hobbled by the loss of critical guidance systems, has discovered a star with three planets only slightly larger than Earth. Then, at the receiving end, your radio takes this modulated signal and extracts the sound from it.

Nobody is suggesting that there need to be fundamental changes in physics here. Easiest to think of them as waves while they are traveling, but particles when they strike something.

The distance from earth to sun is higher than that to Mars.