When you yawn, you throw your head back, open your jaws wide, and inhale It helps you wake up when you're sleepy (and vice versa), it helps you feel more.

(64Kbps) High When Im Feeling Low - Produced By UNiiKBeats.

i tried searching a thread for this one but couldn't find any so this means it's an issue with my phone only. my whatsapp profile picture is blurred.

Capturing blurred lights in the background is easier than you think with this three step bokeh effect tutorial. Take professional quality images.

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It is a case of a figure of speech known as 'hypallage', aka 'Transferred Epithet'. The meaning is obvious: 'a day at the end of which one is tired' or 'a tiresome.

What a Feeling may refer to: "What a Feeling" (Alex Gaudino song), a song by Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland; "What a Feeling" (Namie Amuro.

While some breeds of dogs like the English bulldog or the boxer are prone to having droopy, red eyes, or a condition known as “cherry eye,” on.