Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for financial aid for college or grad school. Use FAFSA4caster to get a free early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid. Select your state of legal residence and the school year for which you.

You need to apply for student aid every year because the FAFSA determines your eligibility for only one academic year at a time. Fortunately, there's a special .

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Save money while taking care of your loved ones so you can work. A Dependent Care FSA (DCFSA) is a pre-tax benefit account used to pay for eligible.

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If someone is your Qualifying Relative, then you can claim them as a dependent Gross Income: The person must have made less than $4, in gross income.

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Find out which family members are eligible and how to apply for the pass. Includes getting a Dependant's Pass for a baby born in Singapore and extending a.