This is something many anglers do not know about; Gold fish hook hat clips are a rare find and.

Canned salmon doesn't just mean sandwiches — with the right ingredients, you can transform this convenient canned food into a tasty dish.

Pan-seared until crisp on top and just barely cooked at the center: this is how I cook salmon when I have to hit the kitchen running. Letting the fish sear untouched in hot oil creates that lovely, flavorful golden crust that makes this dish restaurant-worthy. Cook the salmon.

A light lunch or dinner, this salmon salad is a homemade version of your favourite sushi platter, with edamame beans, avocado and pomegranate seeds.

Still playing around with salmon pepperoni. Has anyone else tried this Do you cold bath the sticks to shrink the casing? The first batch wasn't.

Thankfully sushi is not a particularly fattening food, and a low calorie meal is not out of the cards if you have a craving for sushi. While the rice in sushi contains a.

We'll show you how quick and easy it is for you to make a rustic looking barn sign for your home using Glue Dots and few extra supplies from your local.

Well, I installed my pintle hook and ring coupling equipment incorrectly and within one month my equipment is ruined.

Making Amadou, Fomes fomentarius or the Horses Hoof Fungus on my blog a piece I did a year or so ago for a Fly fishing forum on Amadou.

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