Number of Points on Left Antler: B: TIP TO TIP SPREAD. The tip to tip spread is measured between the tips of the main beams. See Figure B. Tip to Tip Spread.

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I used to wrap my bullhorns starting from the ends in the the bars with inside- out electrical tape, then wrapping on the bar tape in the opposite.

The Pennsylvania elk hunt began November 5 with the regular season running through November 10 in designated Elk Hunt Zones within the Elk.

Wholesale Distributors of Made in the USA Preshrunk 12oz/58" Cotton Bull Denim - White. 1 yard sample of 12 oz preshrunk premium cotton bull denim.

Bull Bar. 1. Driver/Left Frame Mounting Bracket. 1. Passenger/Right Frame Mounting Bracket. 4 Bar to attach additional lights as desired, (see above). 9.

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The Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus) also called the giant deer or Irish giant deer, is an extinct . Within male groups, winterkill was the chief cause of death and was highest among juveniles and small adults with small antlers. Habitat[edit ]. The Irish elk prioritized open grassland habitats and was in fact the most cursorial.