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In particular, Ausilio advises energy and automotive companies, technology developers, industry associations and governments on growth and sustainability aspects of biofuels. He has worked in a variety of catalyst research and product development programs for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, dewaxing, petrochemicals BTX applications, residue conversion, zeolite production and GTL catalysts, resulting in more than 60 patents.

J Food Process Technol. What further action needs to be taken to protect the European market?


Orville P. After receiving his diploma in business administration, he worked at Deutsche Bank AG until the end of , concentrating on corporate finance consulting for large stock corporations. Harisson St. Joshua F. On the one hand, this is good for the environment and, on the other, for the economy of every biogas plant. Click for profile. Rogelio G.

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Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Phils. Nordic Organic Food Fair is dedicated to promoting the organic food industry to food buyers from the Nordic countries and across Europe.

He studied agricultural sciences at the University of Bonn and did his PhD studies in forest sciences at the University of Goettingen. Lot 2 Block 3, Interstar St. Luna St. Jan M. Online visibility to the Speakers and Experts. Useful Links.

This allows expensive biomasses to be replaced by residual material. Coconut water is a popular refreshing drink in the International market today due to its high nutritional and medicinal properties. Water Water is the key source for human life and the most valuable molecule on the planet. This is an event with purpose and sound, sustainable principles.

In , the Food and Agriculture FAO reported that the Philippines ranks second among the producing countries in the world with a total production of Meeting the Demands of the Biofuel Industry. Ausilio Bauen, Director, e4tech 2. Scaling up and derisking second generation technology How to secure finance Running a commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant Are Europe's targets achievable?

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