This is what separates your OC from others. There are also some common ninja accessories: Can I make an oc with a Chinese name? What is their birthday? Shy or confident? The Midori Clan History: Kekkai Genkai: This will be the basic outline. How do they react to change? This is probably the post challenging designing part. For example, you should decide if they have a council.

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What are there pet peeves? No one is! Even though Naruto had a tragic backstory, he became a hero. When choosing a weapon you should try to learn as much as possible about the weapon. Do they have pockets on their shirt? In this tutorial, I will talk about various abilities, powers and flaws you can use to better flesh out your characters. View More. Do they wear pants, shorts, or leggings? Are they mature or immature?

Date of Birth: Is it both? Arufonzo Featured By Owner Dec 26, Gender and Personality 2. Long, straight hair- traditional and down-to-earth.

Awesome picture! Are they straightforward? Think about their appearance. Do some research first. Neji Hyuga. Well first off, and I don't mean to intrude, but Medusa is not a Japanese name.

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Naruto and Sasuke are the only people left from those clans, and if your character suddenly pops up, it isn't very believable. Drawing Naruto Characters In other languages: Cilentkiller20 Cilentkiller20 3 years ago 10 ThiefKorin posted Miaka is quite frank and candid and she avoids taking sides in arguments unless she completely agrees with one point of view. Alright so you should first decide on their hair and eye color.